A Word From CEO Jennifer Merryman

Praises, Thanksgiving…But Let’s Keep Praying!

These CIC Club children from Guinea give a thumbs up after experiencing the Bible lesson taught via the Living Active Method.

As I write this letter, we are about half way through our special 40 days of prayer for CIC. Thank you […]

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LAM is Taking Off – To God be the Glory!

Your support is reaching far and wide! Pictured here are CIC adult and youth leaders in Niger.

In just the last month and a half, we’ve seen 43 new CIC Clubs open – the largest number of Clubs to start in the shortest amount of time! These […]

LAM is Taking Off – To God be the Glory!2019-12-05T03:57:24-06:00

From Darkness to Light

CIC Club children in Guinea-Bissau are full of joy in the Lord as they learn about His Love and Truth!

One of the reasons we desperately need prayer is because bringing His Light into dark places is often a spiritual battle. As the Lord brings us into many […]

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How Can You Help?

Thank you so much to all who’ve already given generously to help us train our adult, youth and child leaders on the Living Active Method. The impact in the field and for the Kingdom is TREMENDOUS!!

Children, in their school uniforms, in this CIC Club in Guinea-Bissau are […]

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A Word From CEO Jennifer Merryman

Making a Sweet, Safe Place for Children

Despite their harsh surroundings, CIC Club children are beaming with bright smiles because they are filled with the joy of the Lord as they experience the sweetness of His Word and His Love through other club children and mentors.

Trauma and […]

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The Importance of a Safe, Sweet Learning Place

CIC key leader Francis with Talibé children in Mali. The tin cans in their hands are used to beg for money, which is given to the “marabou” or Koranic teacher. Most Talibé children are unwashed, hungry and neglected. Although this photo was taken a few years ago, […]

The Importance of a Safe, Sweet Learning Place2019-11-05T14:14:50-06:00

The CIC Honeypot Culture

The Honeypot concept is based on God’s Word being sweet like “honey.” The goal is to have every child discover the sweetness of Christ’s Love, Hope and Truth, and to facilitate learning by pouring His Love and Truth into children. In every aspect of a CIC Club session, […]

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CIC Children Receive & Share the Sweet Gospel With Others

We praise God for the many testimonies we receive from the field of children “tasting” the sweetness of God’s Love and Word in CIC Clubs – tangibly through the CIC Mentors and children.

Filled to overflowing with God’s Truth, Hope and Love after a CIC session, these club […]

CIC Children Receive & Share the Sweet Gospel With Others2019-11-05T14:16:46-06:00

How Can You Help?

Make an Impact Today for Eternity

One of our key leaders, Francis, plays part of the temple entry during a LAM Bible story with CIC Youth Leaders.

Ongoing training… Recently Salim wrote to say that:

“Some months ago [I was] informed about the training CIC will be holding… […]

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A Word From CEO Jennifer Merryman

The Kingdom Significance of Children

Niger CIC club kids and mentor play a game before the Bible story time.

One of the most common questions people ask when they hear about CIC is “Why children?” Many of you who know CIC well, already know the answers to this. But […]

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