A Word from CEO Jennifer Merryman

Starting each summit with Jesus’ example: four of our key leaders washed the feet of our country team leaders and some of the youth leaders we invited. Above, Jen, our CEO, is washing and praying for Mercy, a CIC Youth Leader from Nigeria.

Dear Friends of CIC,

There […]

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Young Leaders Catch the Movement

Our Child and Youth Leaders are one-of-a-kind: mature, bold, service-oriented and passionate about reaching children in challenging places for Christ! (Some faces/names may have been covered for security reasons.)

Equipping and empowering the next generation is a CIC core value. With some specific gracious gifts, we were […]

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Equipping with LAM

The Living Active Method is for everyone. Adults and children dramatize Matthew 18:1-6. In the middle is “the kingdom of heaven.” Participants on the left are the “sea.”

The Living Active Method (LAM) is CIC’s Level 2 Orality Methodology, combining the most powerful elements from our Level […]

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God’s Word is Living and Active

Adult and child leaders alike are excited, equipped and empowered to return to their own country to train others on the Living Active Method.

In both our East and West Africa summits we really witnessed the reality of Hebrews 4:12, “The word of God is living and […]

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Supernatural Boldness

Committed to go: Three of our Youth Leaders, including Succes and Mercy, as we commission them to go out at a candle light ceremony.

I recently heard from our key West Africa leaders that they have stayed in regular contact with Adam since the conference (see “

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October 2018 – A Word from CEO Jennifer Merryman

Children retell the Bible story of Cain and Abel from CIC’s “God With Us” orality curriculum. These boys are role-playing Abel and his offering to the Lord (the smaller boy over his shoulders is role-playing the sheep).

October Strategic Conference in Africa:
We Covet Your Prayers!

Your prayer support […]

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