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Inside Reaching Children in Africa: An Interview with CIC’s CEO

This interview was conducted and published by Living with Faith on their website at

Child leaders Nassarawa Region

CHILDREN IN CHRIST® (CIC) is a unique Christian organization founded in 1997 and working in some 20 countries across Africa.   CIC’s CEO, Jen M., kindly agreed to answer our […]

Inside Reaching Children in Africa: An Interview with CIC’s CEO2016-12-05T12:54:29-06:00

“To the North…Part 2”

DistributionI’m very happy to receive this gift! Because it is my first Bible and it has brought many changes in my life. First it helps me to know and read the word of God and now I’m a good learner and I memorize easily the verses. Now I […]

“To the North…Part 2”2016-12-05T12:54:33-06:00

“To the North. . . .Part 1”

Narnia north Source:

“To the North!” For some of us, these words ring familiar.

Jill Pole said them in The Silver Chair, one of the stories in The Chronicles of Narnia series, written by C.S. Lewis.

For those of us in Africa, the call is even more familiar and […]

“To the North. . . .Part 1”2016-12-05T12:54:35-06:00

Hard, Hard Ground – Part 3 (India)


The challenge of bringing a church-planting pastor from India to Liberia (see “Hard, Hard Ground – Part 2“) was tough enough.

But the effort seemed to have only begun once Pastor Martin touched down in Monrovia, Liberia.

He gave $200 to our team. These funds were his personal tithe […]

Hard, Hard Ground – Part 3 (India)2016-12-05T12:54:36-06:00

“Arise O Sleeper”

This morning, with the shrill sound of my phone alarm and the utter darkness of 4:30 AM EST, I woke up longing for my mornings in Africa. Being temporarily on US soil has been a rough adjustment in so many ways. Today I longed for that glorious sunrise over Mt. […]

“Arise O Sleeper”2016-12-05T12:54:39-06:00

Hard, Hard Ground – Part 2

“Sister, how do I eat or find food on the plane since it will be more than 2 days’ travel?” our Indian brother asked one morning during our Skype call as we planned for his trip to Liberia in West Africa.

We had already discussed many things. But I hadn’t thought […]

Hard, Hard Ground – Part 22016-02-26T21:44:39-06:00

“Whom Shall I Send?” – Part 2

That eerie cyber-ish ringtone of Skype broke the silence in my quiet bedroom at 2 AM Wednesday. “Should I just ignore it?” I drowsily thought.

Being connected with 160+ field ministry leaders in Africa, almost all of whom love to chat and connect, can sometimes mean startling calls in the middle of […]

“Whom Shall I Send?” – Part 22016-12-05T12:54:41-06:00