Adult and child leaders alike are excited, equipped and empowered to return to their own country to train others on the Living Active Method.

In both our East and West Africa summits we really witnessed the reality of Hebrews 4:12, “The word of God is living and active, sharper than any double-edged sword” (ESV). By God’s power alone, through the Living Active Method (LAM), our leaders were convicted and reenergized on the core values and multiplication strategies of CIC, particularly on grassroots indigenous sustainability and child leadership empowerment.

James from Liberia shared: “This conference opened my eyes to the love of God for us by teaching us His Word through His people. I believe that this new [Living Active] method we learned will let the Holy Spirit be the teacher not men, though men will be used but in the most humble way. This conference has motivated me to reach the unreached in the most strategic, loving and sweet ways.”

Paskal from Kenya said: “I have now seen the importance of raising the children leaders … not only involving them … but giving them full opportunity to serve and guide them.”

Since our last big gathering in 2014 we’ve launched in five new countries. It was so exciting to have these new leaders join us at the summits.

Dralada from Uganda was one of those leaders. “This training has opened my eye to see clearly the vision, mission and culture of CIC … so that we shall own the ministry … and be in position to support it as our thing. I also appreciate the new teaching method [the Living Active Method] which is oral and active. This one will make teaching children easy and understandable because of action … With the help of the child leaders … we shall change the world for Jesus.