There are 790 people groups in Africa that do not have 1 single verse in Scripture translated in their heart language or any mission organization engaging them.

“The world is about to see the most concentrated missionary effort in history . . .and it will be made up of young people,” Ralph D. Winter, Missiologist

“The biggest potential manpower source is the indigenous Church in the area nearest the Unreached People Groups. The process of getting workers into these groups can be accelerated if Christian leaders and donors will bring the question of ‘where the church is not present'” both in strategic missions collaborative efforts as well as Kingdom investment. (Source: Issachar Summit, Finishing the Task,

This generation has all that it takes to reach every corner of every nation for Christ. CHILDREN IN CHRIST® joins other ministry organizations and the Body of Christ to faithfully serve this call. Please prayerfully consider joining us. For Partnership Opportunities, Click Here.


When Jesus ascended to Heaven, He gave us His last instructions in the Great Commission
“All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:18-20




God Uses A Courageous Young CIC Child Leader to Change a Whole Village.
A Young CIC Child Leader courageously leads a village of children to pray for a town destined to be raped, murdered and pillaged by Sierra Leonian rebels. While the adults hid in the bush, the children prayed. . . .And what happens leads the adults to receive Christ. To read more, click “GUINEA” story below.


A young CIC Child Leader from Baloma, Guinea, follows call to adventure into Liberia for Christ
A CIC Child Leader from Baloma, Guinea, feels called to leave the comfort of his homeland to cross the border into Liberia and establish CIC Clubs there. Living out of a dilapidated, broken-down car for two years as his only shelter in this new country, this Child Leader and his cousin risk everything to share the Gospel with children. To read more, click “Liberia” story below.


A village stops its centuries-old tradition of rite-of-passage burning of children in kilns
In the northwest region of Ghana lies a village community called Guo. For centuries this community has been consumed by ancestral and occultic worship. One of the rites of passage for children coming of age was to be placed in a stoked, burning kiln. Those children who survived this torture were considered to have special ‘protective’ powers. When CIC entered this village the kilns were still being used regularly. To read more, click “GHANA” story below.


A village plagued by spiritual darkness discovers freedom and joy in Christ
By God’s grace, transformation in Christ has come to the Soriene area of Burkina Faso. To read the letter from the Chief, click the “BURKINA FASO” story below.
Baloma is a small village located in the forest region of Guinea, not far from the town of Macenta. In the mid-1990’s the village was entirely animist/Muslim. No church or mosque existed, and witchcraft predominated, including charms, spells and the use of human bones. There was considerable fear, and those perceived as moving ahead of the crowd were often killed or held back.

The village chief had a son named Siye. Siye gave his life to the Lord as a teenager, and when he was sent to Conakry for school, he attended a CIC training (spring of 1998). Siye already had a burden for children in his village. He caught the vision of God’s heart for children full force, and when the summer break allowed him to return to Baloma, he called every child from their house and began to teach them the Bible, with games and songs, memory verses and prayer. Because the children worked during the day in the rice fields, the meetings were held at night. All the children, about 100, came to Christ. The adult villagers, both Muslim and Animist, distanced themselves from these meetings, but did not interfere as long as Siye was leading them – his authority as the chief’s son gave him this privilege. Paul F., John O. and M. C. were among the children who gave their lives to Christ. Siye chose them as “disciples” and taught them as they worked together in the rice fields. When Siye had to return to school in Conakry (Sept 1998), he left Paul in charge. With the absence of Siye, some adults in the village began to interfere with club meetings by withholding benches for the children to sit on, or locking the door of the meeting place.

Over the course of 1998, Paul gained full understanding of the power of Jesus Christ over the darkness of witchcraft. His grades soared again, and he became 2nd in his class, and student representative for the entire Forest Region. When Siye returned to Baloma on a school break, he and Paul mobilized all the children to refuse to attend the “mask” dances. While adult villagers resented this, they did not force the children who refused. However, they found the very young children, age four or under, and carried them to the mask dance.

During the summer of 1999, rebels from Sierra Leone began looting villages near the Guinea border, which usually meant raping, burning and killing villagers. When the rebels reached and attacked Bokoni, just a few minutes’ walk from Baloma, they sent a message to the Baloma villagers that their village would be attacked that night. The villagers of Baloma were scared. Though they had been hindering the children from praying by taking their benches and locking their meeting place, now they opened the doors and invited the children to pray saying “We do not believe our God will protect us – but maybe your God will!” The children worshipped and prayed, then went to bed. Some villagers left to hide in the bush as the sun went down. That night, rebels sent one of their soldiers on to Baloma to scout it out. The scout took a look through the village. But instead of calling his fellow soldiers to attack, he turned around and told them – there’s nothing here in Baloma for us . . .

When the people of Baloma saw that their village had been spared, they understood that the God that the children were worshipping along with Paul and Siye was the God with all authority and power. Many gave their lives to Christ and were baptized. Children and adults worked together to lay the foundation of a church. And when neighboring villages challenged the building of a church, children and adults fasted and prayed for three days until God gave breakthrough. As we all know, bringing Christ to an animist village brings tremendous release and joy, but it also comes with a price. Paul, John & Siye were summoned by the local authorities on charges that they encroached on community land and were breaking their society laws. The church building was attacked and destroyed. God gave Paul the wisdom to build a simple church of bamboo, one that the authorities would care less about. That one lasted. The authorities promised to kill Paul & John, and warned them of the exact date that they would be attacked. But that night, instead of attacking Paul & John, they killed Paul’s father in a hunting “accident.” One of the disciples that worked with Paul (named Matthew) was poisoned and he died at age 18. But in spite of these things, faith among Baloma villagers has extended to reach surrounding villages. By 2002, Paul, John and M.C. had started 14 clubs in the area, and every weekend they either hitched rides or walked a 20 km circuit to visit all of the clubs and teach in them. Paul later felt called to begin CIC ministry in Liberia, which now ministers to 70,000 children weekly. Both he and John continue to serve CIC sacrificially. Paul now mentors others as a senior leader in CIC, serving as National Director for Liberia, as well as overseeing and discipling younger country program leaders, and continues to be God’s adventurer for the Gospel of Christ.

*Names have been changed to protect our team

Paul, a young Child Leader from Baloma, Guinea, feeling led by the Lord to reach the children of Liberia, ventured to Liberia with our Founder’s blessing – but the trip was purely one of faith. He had hoped that churches in Liberia would give hospitality to a missionary. But instead, he found that the only one willing to give him lodging was a Muslim man. Despite their differences, this man offered Paul and his cousin some shelter – a broken-down, rusted car that sat on his property decaying. The young men accepted this gift with thanks to the Lord. They walked 20 kilometers through tough terrain on a regular basis to launch and oversee each of the CIC Clubs. They sought creative ways to be “tent-makers” and somehow by God’s grace survived through climbing trees, collecting fruit, and then selling it in the market, and despite all the challenges, CIC Clubs were flourishing. As God only could do, the hearts of those in that Muslim man’s family were also flourishing with fruitfulness. Several of those in the household discovered the freedom and salvation in Christ. One of them particularly became passionate about ministering to children as well. Paul discipled this young man – Louis – and mentored him. Today, Louis has proven to be an extremely effective discipler like Paul. He is being developed into being a future country leader for CIC, and still serves CIC today with great fruitfulness and inspiration. Paul and another man from Baloma, Guinea, continue to lead the country program in Liberia. Due to the faithfulness of these courageous young men from Guinea, over 70,000 children in Liberia are being reached and matured in Christ weekly.
In the northwest corner of Ghana, which is highly unreached, the Lord graciously used CIC to minister to hearts and minds of Guo village members who had been following strict occultic ancestral practices that involved witchcraft, the burning of children, and other evil practices. Soon after CIC began ministry there, parents were refusing to submit their children to this life-threatening ritual. Many villagers and children accepted the grace and freedom in Christ. Within 7 years the kiln was fully dismantled. Today, Guo village is a new village, filled with the joy of Christ.

In July 2014, the town of Zanko cried out to neighboring village Guo for help. Zanko had been undergoing strange happenings that were resulting in unexplained spiritual darkness and the death of 1-2 children per week. Since Zanko had seen the transformation in the village of Guo, it asked the Guo elders for help. “We want freedom from darkness as you have received.”

The Guo elders urged them to receive Christ and call upon CIC to come and minister to the village with God’s Word and prayer. The town of Zanko contacted us in early August 2014 and though we did not have any CIC funds for transport or a community mobilization, God provided miraculously just the amount of funds we needed – $650.

By God’s grace and by His Spirit alone, the town of Zanko embraced with joy the truth and salvation of Jesus Christ and the whole town has not had one death since this time.

Testimonies from Zanko community members:

“I thank God for this day! We have been in darkness for a long time, doing all kinds of sacrifices to appease our gods. And in doing all these sacrifices it has brought us pain and agony. We have been experiencing a lot of death and sickness without knowing their source. But since the day we reported to you and your organization about our predicament and you started coming here with your team to pray for us till today that we are gathered here, we have not recorded any death and this has brought us peace in our heart. This has confirmed that without Christ in our life, our life will be full of crises. We have today realized that Jesus is the only source of salvation and I have surrendered my life to Christ.” Thomas B., 39 years old, Community Leader, Zanko, GHANA

“Before this day a lot of things were happening in this village. People died mysteriously without any cause. We consulted our ancestral gods which has always been the practice of the elders in this village. And it was revealed to us that we have committed abominations against the gods of the Land and they were angry with us and that is why they were striking us with the spirit of death. Due to the anger of the gods we were recording more than two deaths in a week. We asked forgiveness from the gods and we were asked to perform some animal sacrifice which we did. But that did not stop the killing, We started looking for solutions from other areas. We went to our neighboring village Guo which we were told had a similar thing happen to them some years ago and they also did a lot of sacrifices but all to no avail. People in Guo said they had sought help from any Christ-believing church. As they were deliberating, CIC prayerfully came to their mind. Lo and behold God was able to use CIC to curve the situation in no time in Guo. And that has brought their entire village close to God. So we were advised to contact CIC which we did. We asked, “Truly please CIC come and pray with us”. And throughout the time you stayed with us, we have never recorded any death unlike the previous weeks. We are very grateful to God. God used the children in the CIC club and they prayed with us too. As we have prayed with the CIC Club children, we have realized the movement of God in their lives. We have realized the listening ear of God to children. After a full one week of prayers with the children we have had a great peace fall on our town and no deaths since the CIC TEAM started praying with the community. And we believe that this mysterious death will never come back again to our village in Jesus name. We appreciate the presence of God in our village. As for me the part that affected me most and my village is the prayer session. Looking at how God’s spirit was flowing among the children through the prayers. That affected me the most and that time will always remain in my mind and heart. I thank God for this day.” Derek A., 34 years old, Community Leader, Zanko, GHANA

“I am very grateful to God for being part of this program; it has revealed clearly to us that children are dear to the heart of our father in heaven. He can use them to bring salvation to the entire village. As some were used in the Bible to bring salvation to others, through these CIC children our village has been saved through Christ. I have come to understand that God uses children as much as adults. The whole of this week I have seen God’s Spirit and manifestation through children. And from today I will get involved in any children’s activities that will strengthen and develop children in the Lord. I thank God for this meeting. CIC, I pray that you would organize this type of meeting for us continuously.” Kaina Z., 52 years old, Community Member, Zanko, GHANA

From the Chief of Soriene Village:
”Blessed is the day CIC came to this village . . . I was afraid CIC would not last because many churches had come to our village but they end up running, leaving their things behind with reason that they are being haunted by spiritual forces and we experienced this several times . . . .But CIC is unique among the organizations and churches – it has come to our village with the message of salvation. CIC for sometime now has changed the situation we used to find ourselves in. Our children are doing well beyond imagination. We used to feel that our village is engulfed by spiritual forces but since the existence of CIC we have not experienced such things in our life,”
Chief of Soriene, Leo, BURKINA FASO

From the Chief of Gbagba Village:
“My Name is Dirikou Daberi the Chief of Gbagba village, age 67 years old with a background of traditionalist religion and I am here to testify about CIC program in my village. CIC program came to my village the year 2009 through a young man with his wife. On a mission they were reaching children and maturing them with the message of Christ, without minding that I am a traditionalist. But because they mentioned the Name of God, I welcomed them and handed over our children to them to be ministered to. Since then we have seen many changes in the life of our children. For example, some of them before did not obey their parents but through these teachings of CIC Clubs the lives of our children have been transformed. So with these changes, I am happy with CIC in my Village Gbagba. So the changes in children has encouraged me and my people with joy and happiness to offer an empty land for CIC to meet, so that they can establish anything which can help children to know more. Again with the presence of CIC team ministry in Gbagba village and their message about God’s heart for children has made us to understand the importance of children and see them as God in his heart sees them … . With these changes in children’s hearts, even though we [have] not [been] brought up in the knowledge of knowing the true living God, we [now] thank God for allowing this program to reach our village Gbagba so that our children will know the true living God who transforms life. In fact this ministry has changed our children’s life. So may God bless CIC in Burkina Faso and we hope this programme will keep on impacting children in this community.”
Chief of Gbagba Village, BURKINA FASO

Every Child Reached, Mature and Leading Others in Christ

Notes & Sources:
Various missions demographic organizations define unreached people groups with slight differences. Data included in this website is generally sourced from FINISHING THE TASK NETWORK data, compiled from the International Mission Board, Joshua Project, and the Center of the Study of Global Christianity. Unengaged Unreached People Groups are designated as those that have no known ministry or organization engaged with that people group. Source: and Issachar Summit, October 2014