And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:18-20


In Rwanda, from April to July 1994, 800,000 people, mostly of the Tutsi minority, were murdered by Hutus spurred on by Hutu nationalists.  But for us Christians, one of the most heart-wrenching statistics is that over 90% of Rwandans called themselves Christians at the time.


The reality of Africa (and many other continents) is that while many can declare themselves Christian, few actually are deeply abiding in the Word or taught the Word.


In Africa the challenge is probably the greatest in the world – over 790 unreached people groups in Africa do not have one scripture verse in their language. And teaching is often at surface level. Indigenous pastors, lay ministry workers and even children recognize this. They are eager to hear deeper teaching in their language.


Jesus’ last words to His disciples was the Great Commission – to go and make disciples of all nations. The Greek definition of the word “nation” refers to “panta ta ethne” or “people groups.” Ministering to these people groups in their native heart language is one of the best ways to disciple them deeply, so that there might be “abiding fruit” that abides in Him.

“The biggest potential manpower source is the indigenous Church in the area nearest the Unreached People Groups. The process of getting workers into these groups can be accelerated if Christian leaders and donors will bring the question of ‘where the church is not present'” both in strategic missions collaborative efforts as well as Kingdom investment.

*Source: Finishing the Task,

“I was known as a wayward child; but now I am a genuine Child of God”

“I was known as a wayward and disobedient girl in my family and community; almost given up by my parents and brothers because of this. I refused school and church. My whole life was messed up by influence of evil.  I was invited by [the] CIC mentor and attended a Child Leaders training for the first time in my life. I fully participated in all the days of the training and I thought the life skills lessons was just for me. I was deeply convicted by the word of God and gave my life to Christ, and prayed for the peace of God in my heart. And for the first time I experienced such an overjoy in my heart. Then I started serving in CIC Club as a Child Leader. My life totally transformed by the teachings and prayers during club meetings. I now am a changed person and genuine child of God with zeal to serve God in CIC. I am also once more loved by my parents and community.” 

Therres M., 16 years old, North Bank Region, THE GAMBIA 

“This Bible has taught me and helped me to share Jesus with others”

“Through this Bible I received, it really helps me to serve God more and more and also helps me in teaching others the word of God.  I feel the love of God more than ever before, and also have the experience of how to [start children’s ministry] and open new clubs. Through our Club we were able to start a new club in the Lotto Village. It thereafter gives me greater joy and happiness, with no doubt and experience of how I should go about opening more new clubs through this first experience.”

Daberi J., Gaoua, Poni, BURKINA FASO

“I always used to lie, but now I have accepted Christ and only tell the truth”

“Before CIC program was launched into our school, I was the type of a girl who never used to tell the truth, I was always telling lies. Besides this I was a thief and used to steal my mother’s money and my friends’ pens at school. I would also abuse other children and was very unkind. I thank God for our Bible CIC Club leader who used to come to our school to teach us the word of God because my behaviors have really changed as a result of this teaching. I have learnt that as a child of God I must tell the truth and should imitate Jesus Christ and follow His ways. I stopped stealing because I got saved and I have been praying and asking God to help me not to go back to the old way of life which was bad. In the future I [want to] tell other people about the good deeds of our Lord. I thank God for CIC for helping me come out of my bad behaviors. I also thank God for the Spiritual Nurture journals and pray that we will be given more.”

Magdaline M., 12 years old, Yatta, KENYA

“I can now do things without fear and my self esteem has lifted because God loves me”

“The day I arrived at this training, I did not know that God had chosen me, but now I know that I am chosen. I have also learnt that I used to have low self esteem because I thought that I could not do anything good, but I have now noticed that my self esteem has been uplifted and I can now do things without fear. I was not able to stand in front of my friends because I was fearful, but after I have been taught about self esteem, it has removed my fear and now am able to stand before my peers without fear again. When I return back to school, I will teach my friends about the love of God and how God chooses His servants no matter how young they are. I will tell them that God doesn’t look at your outside appearance – if you are small or big, fat or slim – He looks at your heart.”

Maryment N., 15 years old, Marafa, KENYA 

“Azzizi Leads Village to Christ”

“Azzizi, shown above teaching to a CIC Club, was a 10 year old boy who distressed his mother from his reckless life and behavior. When the Lord touched his heart, and Azzizi accepted Christ as His Savior, he knew he wanted other children to hear about the hope, truth, and grace of Jesus Christ. Amazed, his mother witnessed him going around from hut to hut to invite children to hear a lesson from the Word of God. This little boy had become a real-life Timothy, spurred on to teach and build others up in the Word of God. Azzizi continues to minister for the Gospel of Christ through local CIC Clubs. His impact on hundreds of children is a testimony children who love the Lord and abide in Him can bear much fruit for His Kingdom.”

Azzizi, 13 years old, Yei, SOUTH SUDAN

“My heart changed from loving the world’s riches to God’s Kingdom”

“I am the only son among five girls. And being the only boy, I was treated like a king with great respect for being the only Son of my parents according to our tradition, which means I would be the heir. And for that matter, my parents needed to take very good care of me so I can take care of them and our property in the future. Since this opportunity was given to me, I behaved as if the whole world belonged to me. And I behaved carelessly towards my friends. Making them to know I was going to be rich in the future. I even began to disrespect my parents. On one faithful day I visited the club and in the lesson the mentor indicated how the whole world belonged to God, and how all the riches in the world are vanity. And as the Mentor was teaching, all my friends began to look at me. In fact if I had my own way I would have vanished from the scene. But as the Lord has his own way, I gave my life to Christ and since then I have never thought about riches, but of God’s word and his kingdom. I thank God for giving me this opportunity. “

Josef M., 13 years old, Upper West, GHANA

“A Change in Me and My Life”

“I like this training – it is giving us hope and teaching us things like how to stay healthy and keep clean, have good values and serve as godly and good citizens. I just learned these values in this training since my family members do not teach any of them. Many children are left without any of this teaching. I used to fall into many problems because I was not aware of many things. I will pray to God because of these helpful lessons I learnt here. I am blessed in my heart with the teaching. There is a change in me and my life.”

Rebecca D.,  14 years old, 
Northern Bar El Ghar, SOUTH SUDAN

Every Child Reached, Mature, and Leading Others in Christ

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