Then children were brought to Him that he might lay his hands on them and pray. The disciples rebuked the people, but Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” And he laid his hands on them and went away. (Matthew 19:13-15)



Africa is a continent of children with children representing 50% of the population. Most adults don’t live past age 50. To reach Africa for Christ means reaching children. And research indicates that those who receive Christ do so between the ages of 4-14.


Children are often marginalized in traditional African cultures, yet Jesus tells us they are made in the image of God, they are precious in His sight, He loves them, and He desires to have them know their Heavenly Father. Children have Kingdom value. And when they receive Christ, they have the same Holy Spirit that adults have. This means children can fully function as members of the Body of Christ.

The disciples did not see this at first, just as many African indigenous pastors and community members do not see this initially, due to cultural traditions, sin, and brokenness. But by His Grace and His Spirit convicting hearts and minds, this paradigm is changing through these trainings.


CIC inspires, equips, and mobilizes indigenous pastors and lay ministry from church and community to value children the way Our Heavenly Father values children. And we equip them to effectively go out and minister to these precious ones through outreach and weekly discipleship in CIC Clubs and Trainings.


Children in Christ® reaches and disciples children in the most unreached people groups of Africa, ministering to them weekly through inspired, equipped and mobilized indigenous local volunteers from church and community. These ministry volunteers then minister to children via CIC Clubs as well as focused, biblically-based Child Leadership Trainings.  To equip ministry volunteers, CIC facilitates local Pastors Mobilizations and CIC Club Mentor Trainings Level 1 and Level 2.

CIC Pastors Mobilizations

How do we choose ministry locations? We are either invited by churches, communities, and/or NGO partners, or we prayerfully enter regions considered to be strategic to fulfilling the Great Commission.

Pastors Mobilizations are 1-day trainings that teach pastors the scriptural basis for God’s heart for children, the importance and value of reaching children, and how to teach them in a memorable and engaging way. Most of the time we see incredible, profound repentance on the part of the pastors. They ask, “What can we do now? Can we start a CIC Club in the unreached village the next region over?”

If local pastors and community are interested in pursuing outreach ministry to children, we then ask pastors for genuine, gifted lay ministry people who might be called to reach and mature children in Christ. Pastors and lay ministry leaders nominate brothers and sisters in Christ who fit the criteria and spiritual qualifications of those who can be entrusted with such an important ministry.

CIC Club Mentors Trainings Levels 1 & 2

Club Mentor Trainings bring these nominated believers to train for 5 days on the scriptural basis for children’s value, God’s heart for children, and the importance of teaching them the Word – from Old Testament to New Testament. They learn fun, safe, joyful games that can be enjoyed by a range of ages, they learn how to use participatory methods of teaching to help kids comprehend the lesson and retain it. They learn how to mentor Child Leaders and encourage their leadership contribution to the Club. And they are asked to have a vibrant prayer life for each of their Club children. The training ends in a practicum, with volunteers going out and starting clubs on the last day of training. They are often amazed at how easy it is! CIC also offers Level 2 coursework that refreshes teaching for existing mentors and deepens the instruction with various additional topics. Importantly, all CIC Ministry Club Mentors are required to hear/read and then sign CIC’s Volunteerism Policy agreement, Faith Statement, and Child Protection Policy.


Despite having trained more than 5,100 adult ministry leaders across 20 countries just this past year, we have had double that number ask for training. Right now, Africa is in the midst of a great spiritual battle.  Children’s eternal lives are in the balance. And the African Body of Christ is asking for teaching and equipping. Would you like to join us in this vision? Indigenous local volunteers greatly sacrifice to minister to these children as volunteers, but CIC needs to help with costs to run these trainings, like Bibles, curriculum, transport.

The window of opportunity to make a real difference in these children’s lives and in Africa is open now. No one knows how long the window will remain open. For Partnership Opportunities, find out how you can be part of this mission here.

“I found myself with much to repent as a servant of God neglecting children”

“Through this training, I have discovered my failures as a Pastor and found myself with much to repent as a servant of God and praying that God will enable me to do a retreat of considering the neglected important people in my community. I pray that God will help us to consider these teachings and put them into practice. I urge the facilitators to continue holding such workshops which are an eye opener for us. May God bless you CIC.”

Pastor Noah K., Osiligi, KENYA

“We need to change to this Kingdom strategy so the indigenous church can truly grow”

“I want to start by saying thanks to the Lord our Creator  . . . .For many years the church has been running after adults in different ways without any result of impact but one thing is clear– if the church had spent the same time and money it has spent in evangelism of adults and spent it instead on children ministry, in 2 years they would see the result.  I thank CIC for bringing this ministry to Koulikoro, since Koulikoro is an area very resistant to the Gospel.  By reaching the children we can change the history of Koulikoro for Christ and the church.  Koulikoro is one of the earliest regions to have received the Gospel of Christ since white missionaries came, but Koulikoro remains the same since that time.  No indigenous [people] in the church–there are only expatriates and foreigners. It is time to change strategies so that the indigenous church can grow in Koulikoro and all our surrounding villages.”

Sam D., 38 years old, Pastor, MALI 

“I now understand Children are leaders now and not just tomorrow”

“I am giving God the praise for the coming of CIC in Maryland County that is making we the pastors to understand that the fastest growing church is to have a good children’s ministry, yet [we only focus on] the adult. Because of what CIC gave us today [we will focus on both] and also unite together in the body of Christ, as they ask us to put denomination aside and go out to reach children for Christ. The vision and mission of CIC and the testimonies of the impact in the lives of children make me to understand that children are leaders now not tomorrow.”

Pastor Alfred N., Maryland County, LIBERIA

“I have seen many things offered to children, but no organization has reached us with a vision for children’s ministry”

“I have seen food, clothes, and medical service being offered to the children, but no organization has reached us with a vision for children’s ministry. Through CIC, I have come to know that children’s spiritual care has been neglected by us as Christians. I now believe children’s spiritual care should not be taken for granted but should be above all else. I am challenged and I will rise up and get involved in what has been omitted for children.” 

Ongauch Omot Ochung, Sudanese Refugee, SOUTH SUDAN
Kakuma international Refugee Camp, N. KENYA

“My heart has been so joyful”

“My heart has been so joyful during this week, seeing the children and the adults praying together to rescue the predicament of our village. I could feel the presence of God when one of the children was praying. The feeling was so strong that I could not control myself. I have always been underrating children. But this time with what I have seen and feel, I will always attach great importance on reaching [children], fully believing that children can do [maybe even] more than what we the adults have been doing for the Lord.”

Abraham D.,  Upper West, GHANA

“We are ministering to tomorrow’s missionaries, pastors, evangelists, politicians, and leaders”

“Ruth A., one of the children in our CIC CLUB in Nigeria, spoke to all of us in one of our club meetings that we are ministering to tomorrow’s missionaries, tomorrow’s pastors, tomorrow’s evangelists, tomorrow’s politicians and indeed tomorrow’s leaders, so praise the Lord we should always put in our best.

Indeed it was a challenge [from a child] that needs to be taken seriously, because it brings glory to God.

Whenever we attempt that which will clearly promote the divine glory, we feel like well doing. When we make known God’s grace, when we work in accordance with his purposes of love, when we speak forth the truth which honours his beloved Son; whenever, indeed, the holy Spirit through us bears witness to the eternal verities of the gospel, there is well doing towards God. We give a high place to the teaching of children in the fear and love of the Lord, in order that they may be a seed to serve him tomorrow and to rejoice in his salvation. We give God all the glory for his wonderful love and protection towards the children of CIC and our adult mentors in the midst of all the crisis here in Nigeria.”

Ruth A., Child Attendee
Adult Mentor, CIC Club, Abuja, Nyanya D Area, NIGERIA

“This has helped me to live as a mature Christian”

“This training has been meaningful and a blessing to me because I have learnt the heart of God for children and how to capture their hearts for Christ. Through the knowledge which I have acquired, I will be able to go out and reach more children and teach them the word of God. This training has also helped me understand where I was going wrong during my Pastoral Pulpit Instruction (PPI). It has also helped me to live as a mature Christian, I must understand the word of God and memorize it because this will help me to overcome temptation as Jesus did. I will make sure that I have used what I have learnt to bring up better children in the community.”

Ajaja I., Pastoral Educator, 26 years old, Changamwe, Mombasa, KENYA 

“Let us leave the issue of tribalism – CIC has opened the door for us to go and reach Children for Christ”

“I see that CIC brings us unity amongst the churches who are here and the vision they present is the true Word of God. Without teaching the words of God to the children we are just punishing them for no good reason. In my hearing we should leave the issue of tribalism. CIC has opened for us the door to go outside and start reaching our children.”

Pastor Stephen M., 22 years old, SOUTH SUDAN

Rebuilding the Walls in Rwanda

African Evangelistic Enterprise and GoodWord Partnership invited CHILDREN IN CHRIST®, Logosdor, David C. Cook, Open Air Campaigners, and Global Children’s Forum, to participate in a unique, catalytic event in Rwanda, to “rebuild the walls of Rwanda” through a pastor and community training rally for children’s ministry. Video produced by Mission Africa.

Do you feel called to help rebuild the walls of Africa? We invite you to join us.
Click here for Partnership Opportunities

Every Child Reached, Mature, and Leading Others in Christ

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