The Living Active Method is for everyone. Adults and children dramatize Matthew 18:1-6. In the middle is “the kingdom of heaven.” Participants on the left are the “sea.”

The Living Active Method (LAM) is CIC’s Level 2 Orality Methodology, combining the most powerful elements from our Level 1 “God With Us” Orality Curriculum with new tools that teach disciplers and pastors how to develop their own lessons. In other words, we are not just giving local disciplers “a fish” but “teaching them how to fish!” This helps us even more to go into closed countries and over borders since LAM does not rely on any printed material or manuals. Here are a few additional benefits of LAM:

Enhances: Scientific studies show that multisensory learning enhances our understanding and memory when we learn by hearing, seeing and doing.

Enriches: Multisensory LAM gives participants a rich,
multi-dimensional learning experience, which fosters deeper insights and revelations from the Word.

Engages: The Living Active Method makes learning fun for both adults and children, and it engages everyone in the process of learning.

Empowers: The Living Active Method empowers our disciplers and leaders to know how to develop an effective discipleship teaching directly from God’s Word (the Bible) without printed curriculum.