CIC Club children in Guinea-Bissau are full of joy in the Lord as they learn about His Love and Truth!

One of the reasons we desperately need prayer is because bringing His Light into dark places is often a spiritual battle. As the Lord brings us into many villages, His Light exposes darkness – and one of these areas of darkness is in traditional initiation rituals where children are required to participate in life-threatening activities. For instance, in certain villages in Ghana children are put in burning kilns; in some villages in Chad it involves burying children alive. But now many children – and their parents – are saying “no” to these rituals. By God’s grace we have many amazing testimonies of whole villages stopping these practices once they hear and receive the Love and Truth of Jesus through CIC Clubs.

Nadjendigndé, a 14-year-old Child Leader from Chad, is one example. Although he shared his story with us last year, it sums up what many of our Club children have to go through, so we thought it was worthwhile to share with you.

I was born into a non-Christian family. My parents are rooted in the tradition of their ancestor. We practiced initiation, the worship of the dead. We were all lost and lost in idolatry. Every year we had to have 3 days of celebration for our dead ancestors. During this moment of celebration there is also a special time to choose to initiate new people, otherwise [the] young people… CIC contributed to my rescue from occultism… Because thanks to the teachings that the leaders have given, I am now a child of God… My greatest wish is to share all the teachings that I first received with my parents so that they may be delivered from tradition, from idolatry. Then my prayer is that God helps me to share these teachings with my friends.”

Yet there are still many villages even deeper in the forest that are not yet fully reached with the freedom of the Gospel and CIC. So please pray for God to release the captives and enslavement from various satanic practices.

But praise God that across the continent we are seeing major changes – through CIC inspiring and equipping the local church to reach out and minister to UPGs and UUPGs* through children. The Akasselem tribe in Togo is one example of an UPG and UUPG that CIC has reached by the grace of God.

Even though most of the Akasselem people are Muslim, they do not go to the mosque regularly. Instead, they depend on traditional spirits for their needs. Approximately 71,000 Akasselem people exist today – and they have only been reported to live in central Togo.

But in 2016 God opened the way for CIC to engage with the Akasselem through a CIC Club. And we praise God that the Club is still in operation today and children from the Akasselem tribe are still attending and being discipled weekly in God’s Love and Truth! Hallelujah!

*UPG is a group where no followers of Jesus are making disciples within their own people group. UUPG is a group where no Christian workers are attempting to do evangelism and church planting with them.