Your support is reaching far and wide! Pictured here are CIC adult and youth leaders in Niger.

In just the last month and a half, we’ve seen 43 new CIC Clubs open – the largest number of Clubs to start in the shortest amount of time! These numbers testify that God’s Word is living and active, and we are incredibly grateful to God for His inspiration of the Living Active Method.

Within this same timeframe, we’ve received over 100 field testimonies of God’s power and transformation from CIC Youth Leaders and Mentors, as well as from church and community leaders…some who’ve had no previous exposure to CIC!

Even beyond this, we’ve been finding that mission organizations, non-profits, and a broad network of pastors are asking for training in LAM for their evangelism efforts – which suggest some exciting possibilities for taking CIC / LAM to geographies where we’ve never been before!

A missionary’s testimony: “In my missionary life, I attended many trainings and seminars, but LAM is one of the best… God is revealing to His people a new lineage of teaching to multiply the kingdom of God. With this we will be able to reach the world around us.”  Eunice, 27, Guinea-Bissau

A pastor’s testimony: “I thank the Lord for this training, it has awakened in me my past. I grew up as a teacher before becoming pastor… This training taught me a lot…[Bible storying] with the multi-sensory learning system. I am convinced of their effectiveness. From this moment [on], a partnership is forged between the Federation of Evangelical Churches of Katiola and CIC and…I declare in my capacity as president of the federation, I myself am going to open a CIC club and I will undertake to mobilize all the churches of Katiola.”  Ghislain, 52, Ivory Coast

A community leader’s testimony: “I was invited by my friend, a Mentor of CIC, to take part in this training… I belong to the Catholic Church. I declare that I will bring the same teaching to my community because the teaching of God’s Word has no limit. The method…to convey the Word of God deserves to be spread to all…in Guinea-Bissau.”  Ermelinda, 28, Guinea-Bissau

Adults and children participate together in learning a Bible lesson using the Living Active Method.

A CIC Youth Leader’s testimony: “I would like to testify what the Lord did during these days of training. During the training, the [LAM] memorization system really did me good…helped me memorize the verses that in turn touched my life and [helped me] understand the importance of having the Word of God in us… I have also through this training overthrown the inferiority complex, timidity, feeling incapable with regard to the things of God. I bless the Lord for all that He has done in my life through this training.”  Franklin, 25, Chad

A CIC Mentor’s testimony: “I always wanted to coach children but I did not know where to start, but with this training, I realized that it does not require funds to start the club with children. So I have just been inspired, trained and mobilized to bring together the children of my neighborhood. LAM is a training that motivated me more.”  Clément, 21, DRC