Praises, Thanksgiving…But Let’s Keep Praying!

These CIC Club children from Guinea give a thumbs up after experiencing the Bible lesson taught via the Living Active Method.

As I write this letter, we are about half way through our special 40 days of prayer for CIC. Thank you to every one of you who is standing with us in prayer to further His Kingdom! God has answered your prayers in powerful ways!

We’ve seen incredible breakthroughs in the field with the Living Active Method (LAM) roll-outs. The training participants – after receiving new revelations and inspirations directly from Scripture via LAM – are going out to train others and start new clubs on their own accord!

Rosita, a 19-year-old Youth Leader from Guinea-Bissau, recently wrote: “God is working in our lives, we have received leadership training and how to teach children. LAM is a method of God. I thank CIC for God’s vision to be able to multiply. The honeypot teaching comes to build my life. It has changed my life and I want to do this work in different parts of my land.”

As word spreads of the effectiveness of the Living Active Method, leaders from many local African churches and villages are even coming forward to offer what they can give to help cover costs, food and lodging so that additional LAM trainings can be organized.

All of us in CIC are in awe of how fast, wide and deep God is transforming hearts and igniting this movement to bring His Light into some of the darkest areas in Africa. (For more on this, please click here to read about how God’s Light and Truth are changing cultural religious practices, exposing darkness and evil, and inspiring people to live out His Truth in the villages.)

Even so, as the enemy sees the tremendous influence of teaching God’s Word using LAM, he tries to hinder the momentum by shooting his “darts” at our teams, attacking our leaders, their spouses and children. Thus, we would be deeply appreciative if you would remain fervent in prayer, as we also lift up praises to God for what He has already done and will continue to do.

So in this season of praise and thanksgiving, we’ve compiled some of the exciting testimonies we’ve received within the last month. They testify to the power of our God and remind us that prayer works!

Thank you so much again for partnering with us in prayer. May these testimonies warm your heart and encourage you in this season of thanksgiving to the Lord. Please keep praying!

With heartfelt gratitude to God and to you,