We praise God for the many testimonies we receive from the field of children “tasting” the sweetness of God’s Love and Word in CIC Clubs – tangibly through the CIC Mentors and children.

Filled to overflowing with God’s Truth, Hope and Love after a CIC session, these club children are brimming with sweetness that is naturally contagious to those around them!

Mbai, a 15-year-old from Chad, says:

“Before joining the club, I was not only violent but I grew up without parental education. My parents had no means for my schooling. I have a group of friends with whom we walked the dumps looking for bottles to sell at the market. When we earned some money, we’d go to the movies. This is how I lived my life. 

One day I met Joshua, the CIC Mentor, who told me about God’s love… He was interested in me and invited me to attend the club he runs. When I arrived, I was greeted warmly by the children…I was surrounded by love… 

It was a joy for me to meet young children smiling and full of love for each other. I quickly realized that my place is with these children.” 

Salim, a 19-year-old CIC Youth Leader from Burkina Faso, shares his journey of coming from a Muslim background to faith in Jesus through a friend in CIC. Now Salim is leading others to Christ!

“I want to thank the Lord Jesus Christ for always being good to us and especially loving us more than our parents…

Since I started with CIC, my life has changed. My parents are Muslim and…you are forced to pray even though you don’t want to pray… I discovered all the prayers we do, there is no change in our families…we continue to do things that don’t glorify the Lord…

I had a Christian friend in my school who used to share the word of the Lord with me, though I always refused because in our family…we don’t really have a relationship with Christians.

Adults and children are having fun together at an outdoor CIC Club in DRC. Many times, the sweet sound of laughter from club kids is what peaks the curiosity of Muslim and street children to check out a CIC Club.

In December 2017 I went to visit my [Christian] friend…to share my personal problems with him. After, he led me to Christ and later he brought me to CIC. After the club [meetings] I used to spend time with him to know more about the word of God.

Later he told me ‘to grow in the Lord you need to start sharing the same word you heard from me to your friends.’

Then…he and I started a club together…later he left [me in charge of] the club. But sometimes he came to visit me and the children.

This is how I became strong in my faith and today I have many other friends who have given their lives to Christ.”

Oftentimes, CIC children are also God’s witnesses to their family and community of the transformative power of the Gospel. Here is the testimony of Abdoulaye, 62, a Papara village chief in Mali:

“I am very happy with the CIC club. The population of Papara is always ready to welcome you by the fact that CIC teachings play very important roles in children’s lives. On club days, children rush to follow the teachings.”

We PRAISE God for what He is doing to bring His light to these unreached children and we THANK YOU for your faithful prayers and support!