The Honeypot concept is based on God’s Word being sweet like “honey.” The goal is to have every child discover the sweetness of Christ’s Love, Hope and Truth, and to facilitate learning by pouring His Love and Truth into children. In every aspect of a CIC Club session, sweetness is poured into children’s “honeypot” until they are filled to overflowing, and they naturally go and tell others about Him.

The CIC Honeypot has 6 aspects of “sweetness” that are the necessary ingredients for effective discipleship and “honey” outflow from children as they influence others:

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        1. Sweet Preparation: for anyone facilitating a CIC club session
        2. Sweet Words: God’s Word; our words, which can build up or tear down
        3. Sweet Participation: inviting all children to participate in all aspects of the club
        4. Sweet Action: multi-sensory Bible story using the Living Active Method
        5. Sweet Discussion, Application and Prayer: facilitate learning through questions and listening to children’s hearts, encouraging them to apply what they learned
        6. Sweet Multiplication: filled with God’s Love and Truth in their hearts, children naturally tell peers, families, communities and even other people groups and nations about God