Make an Impact Today for Eternity

One of our key leaders, Francis, plays part of the temple entry during a LAM Bible story with CIC Youth Leaders.

Ongoing training… Recently Salim wrote to say that:

“Some months ago [I was] informed about the training CIC will be holding… I think I was among the first people who [signed up] for the training.

During the training I felt the presence of the Lord and His love toward me…giving me an example how to humble myself like a little child and how I need to overthrow [the thinking and values] that are holding me captive.

Today I’m a new person in Christ and I continue to share the word of the Lord to my generation and I’m empowered to go and tell others about His love.”

Thank you to all who’ve already given generously to help us train our adult, youth and child leaders on the Living Active Method with the sweet Honeypot culture.

We are SO VERY GRATEFUL to the individual donors and a recent generous grant from an evangelical foundation that have helped us cover almost 20% of the funding we need to finish the calendar year!

We’re hoping to raise $156,180 for the remaining months of 2019 in order to accomplish the following:
+ Reach and disciple 260,000 children weekly, representing over 580 unreached people groups (UPG)
+ Complete 196 trainings to equip 6,588 African leaders including pastors and youth/child leaders in the Living Active Method discipleship methodology
+ Provide 15 motorbikes and 2 bikes to countries needing transportation into tough, hard-to-access regions

If you feel led to support any of the above, your gift of any amount will greatly help us to achieve our goals for the rest of the calendar year.

We also invite you to join us for a special 40-day prayer coverage for CIC from November 6, 2019, through December 15, 2019, as our teams launch LAM in the field.

Thank you so much for your support! Please continue to keep the orphans affected by the attacks in Nigeria in your prayers. Above all, please join us in praying that His Word will be known, His Love will be felt, and His Name will be lifted high among all the children in Africa!

With a heart full of thanksgiving,



Jen Merryman