Making a Sweet, Safe Place for Children

Despite their harsh surroundings, CIC Club children are beaming with bright smiles because they are filled with the joy of the Lord as they experience the sweetness of His Word and His Love through other club children and mentors.

Trauma and traumatized children.

This is what lays heavy on my heart as I write this newsletter.

We’ve been able to get more details of a horrific event that happened a few months ago in southeastern Nigeria where 4 villages, where we have 4 CIC Clubs, were attacked in the middle of the night. Our team is mourning the death of 16 CIC children, 3 CIC mentors, and over 30 who were slaughtered in their sleep, including women and children, with houses burned to the ground. And 48 of the remaining children became orphans that night.

I wrote a quick prayer email to a few of you, and many of you have generously offered help to get these children back on their feet. And praise God, because of your prayers and help we are going into the villages this week to get them food, clothing, clean water and other needed help. While we don’t do this normally, we felt a burden to provide some initial help for each of these children.

I wish this one event were an anomaly in Africa. But to be honest, things like this happen much more frequently than our Western news reveals.

In CIC we focus on going into these tough, challenging places where others are not able or willing to go. This means that most of the children who come to CIC Clubs have experienced trauma – conflict, war, rape, abuse, occult practices like human sacrifice, broken families, premature death of loved ones, famine, disease, fear-based religion and culture, etc.

Guinea children listen intently to a lesson question.

So…what brings them to CIC Clubs? And keeps them coming?

How do we deal with all this heartbreaking trauma?

And how do we minister to these precious children?

Our help and wisdom come from our Lord Himself. Jesus said, “I am the Good Shepherd.” As we read in Psalm 23, He leads us to green pastures and still waters. He restores our souls. He indeed is the only Hope for these children. Therefore, we seek to provide a safe, sweet place for these children to meet Jesus and be nurtured and restored in His Love and Truth. Last year God inspired us to capture this safe, sweet culture into a theme called the “Honeypot,” which makes it easy to train our field leaders to foster and multiply this loving, restorative environment.

Please read on to find out more about the Honeypot and how God powerfully ministers to children through the sweet, safe culture in CIC.

Thank you so much for your prayers, encouragement and love for these children! We are so grateful to the Lord for you!

With heartfelt thanks,