Children retell the Bible story of Cain and Abel from CIC’s “God With Us” orality curriculum. These boys are role-playing Abel and his offering to the Lord (the smaller boy over his shoulders is role-playing the sheep).

October Strategic Conference in Africa:
We Covet Your Prayers!

Your prayer support right now is truly critical. Because as you read this newsletter, I am in East Africa with our top African Regional Directors, CIC’s founder (Terry), our HQ staff, and an agenda full of exciting developments to help reach and disciple more children in Christ!

This strategic meeting is brimming with big possibilities, important decisions and – of course – challenges.

Our first stop is in rural Kenya, where we are visiting CIC clubs to see the orality curriculum in action and to test out future lessons.

The second part of our trip is allocated for strategic conversations and planning. Collectively, we are seeking God for wisdom on how to foster even more grassroots movement among our clubs and for vision on how to go further into hard and closed places.

These are tremendous undertakings, and we realize we might not have all the answers after this Strategic Conference. Yet, we are expectant of what God will do. We know big things happen when God’s people gather and seek His will.

Please pray for the Holy Spirit’s continued leading. Pray that this “face time” (which is rarer than we’d like in CIC due to budget constraints) is particularly fruitful. Please pray that God would protect us…because where God is doing a mighty work, the enemy is sure to try and wreak havoc.

Please pray that we may continue flint-faced to carry out the mission and vision of CIC that God has entrusted us with—called to go to challenging places and unreached people, to see every child reached, mature, and leading others in Christ.

Thank you for going with us, every step of the way, with your prayers and support!