The Kingdom Significance of Children

Niger CIC club kids and mentor play a game before the Bible story time.

One of the most common questions people ask when they hear about CIC is “Why children?” Many of you who know CIC well, already know the answers to this. But I thought it might be encouraging to consider how Kingdom significant your help and focus on children is. . .

Half of Africa is made up of children. That’s 1 out of every 2 persons! Besides this, the UN projects 1 in 3 global children will come from Africa by 2050. So to fulfill the Great Commission across the globe, we need to be reaching African children.

Children are an unexpected open door – Over the past 2000 years, most of missions’ focus has been on adults, but adults are often entrenched in their own worldview. In fact, Barna Group has done studies showing that a person’s worldview is usually already set by age 13.1  Wow!  Through children, God “has chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty” – because in reaching children in CIC, the Lord has made it possible to reach over 600 Muslim and Animist groups previously unreached! Through children!

Children are disciplers for today and tomorrow – Psalm 78:5-6 reminds us to teach our children so they will be able to teach their children. In CIC we are seeing God do this before our very eyes – children are discipled in such a way that they can turn and disciple peers today and the next generation coming up. This is so powerful!

Children are bold witnesses – Children are often more bold than adults because adults fear how others will perceive them. But once children experience God’s love and salvation, they cannot help but bubble over and share!  Like Eyoutekesso, a 14-year-old in Togo, who excitedly told us:

“This recent [Bible] lesson that I learned, I shared with two friends (Mitterand and Jules) and I convinced them to come with me and they accepted because they appreciated what we do at the club. I also shared with my mom…the [Bible] story and she also liked it and asked me to bring my little brothers next time.”

Still, many adults in Africa don’t see the Kingdom value of children due to cultural traditions, sin, and brokenness. Hamasatou, a 13-year-old child in Niger, described this in her own words:

“In our country…it is very, very hard for adults…to love children. Because in our culture, people who don’t know Christ, they marry up [to] 4 wives…they do not have a relationship with their children. Their children are [also] many and …[parents] come home late without having time with their children.”

But your faithful prayer and financial support is changing all of this! In the blog “How You Can Help?” we’ve provided a few of the very exciting things the Lord is calling us to do in the next few months. I pray you will join us!

“Most people’s minds are made up

…spiritually by age 13.”

-Barna Group

1 Barna Group: