Committed to go: Three of our Youth Leaders, including Succes and Mercy, as we commission them to go out at a candle light ceremony.

I recently heard from our key West Africa leaders that they have stayed in regular contact with Adam since the conference (see “A Word from CEO Jennifer Merryman“). One of our leaders has even committed to disciple him. The latest update is that Adam is praying about attending Bible college in August!

Adam’s story shows how adults AND children from the communities watching the CIC Clubs are touched by the content. We have many adults and children who initially stand on the perimeter at a safe distance “listening” to what is being taught because some Muslim children may have parents who initially forbid them from attending.

At the end of the summit we asked Adam to share a few words and he said two things: (1) “I know what you’re doing is dangerous but do not be afraid, be courageous” and (2) “I love you all.”

You know what…Adam is right. Even though we are going to very dangerous places, God is calling us. Adam affirmed there are many people like him who want to hear the truth. He wants people to receive what he received. Through your prayer, support and encouragement and by God’s power our leaders are supernaturally bold in going out to reach the unreached despite the danger.

I think of Mercy, our Youth Leader from Nigeria. Mercy grew up and still lives in a place “known to be a gangster community.” It also happens to be an area where Christians have been under heavy attack from Fulani Muslims who slaughter whole families in their sleep. But Mercy says, “Because I have that zeal since a little girl – many people left the community, [because] there are many Muslims there – by God’s grace I was able to continue.” That “zeal” is supernatural boldness.

Even just two weeks ago, our Nigeria National Team Leader, Papa Gimba, and Mercy called us because there was an attack during their Sunday service and many were killed. But they refuse to shrink back in fear. God has given them an unshakeable call and faith.

Mercy, age 23, has already started 5 clubs. She told us after the recent conference: “I can say that I … found a lot of courage to reach the unreached, understand more God’s calling and purpose in my life and above all I am taught the great God-given strategy [the Living Active Method] to teach the Word, dispel other child leaders to multiply and reach the unreached all over.”

Together with your prayers and support and God’s help, our teams are launching out in all of our countries teaching LAM and inspiring new regions and communities to reach unreached children for Christ.

We are so grateful for your support which helps to bring God’s love and truth to children and adults like Adam through the zeal and courage of CIC leaders – adults and younger people like Mercy!

Your prayers are making such a big difference. THANK YOU!!