Starting each summit with Jesus’ example: four of our key leaders washed the feet of our country team leaders and some of the youth leaders we invited. Above, Jen, our CEO, is washing and praying for Mercy, a CIC Youth Leader from Nigeria.

Dear Friends of CIC,

There is so much to thank God for! Our CIC-wide leadership summits in March and April were a wonderful, inspiring and powerful time. I truly believe your prayers made the difference!

During these meetings in East and West Africa, we received updates from our leaders, shared in powerful times of prayer, learned how to disciple children with our new Level 2 Orality Methodology – what we call the “Living Active Method”, and launched other new concepts that are already having a big impact on all of us.

The Living Active Method (LAM) discipleship method is orality plus multi-sensory learning. And through the power of God’s Word taught in this way, even an adult Muslim hotel staff member, named Adam* (not his real name), was drawn to the Lord! I want to share this story with you, because it touched my heart so much and also shows how powerfully God’s Word, living and active, can draw Muslims to the joy and salvation found in Jesus alone!

On our first morning together in Senegal (a 92% Muslim West African country), Adam was stationed in the back of the room, cautiously observing us. As we used the LAM to learn Matthew 18:10-14, Adam moved closer, listening and watching.

After the Bible lesson, I asked our team one of our five LAM discussion questions, “What might we learn about the Shepherd when He made the choice to look for that one lost sheep?” I saw Adam raise his hand. I knew he was Muslim. So for a moment I hesitated, but I sensed the Lord saying, “Jen, I am doing something here; trust Me.” So I turned to Adam and asked, “Do you have something you want to share?”

Jen and our key leader pray as Adam receives Christ.

Adam replied: “I want to answer the question. The story shows us the Shepherd must be a very loving and kind Shepherd who cares deeply about each one of His sheep.”

Stunned, I nodded, “Yes…He is!” Then I asked the next LAM question, “What was the impact of the choice the Shepherd made?”

AGAIN, Adam raised his hand!! And he said emphatically, “The sheep must have felt so loved and special that the Shepherd would do that just for him!” Wow!!!

During our coffee break, Francis, one of our leaders, spoke with Adam to find out what God was doing in this Muslim man’s heart. Francis quickly came back and said: “Jen, he wants to receive Christ! He wants you and me to pray for him.” So we both went over to Adam and prayed for him. I just remember him weeping sweetly and declaring with joy that Jesus is his new-found Shepherd and Savior.

Later Adam told us he had been questioning for a whole year whether Islam was the right way to God. He said wistfully, “God is like the Shepherd – He cared so much about me that He sent 50 of you here – just so I might know Jesus is the only way.”

In many ways, YOUR support and prayers made it possible for Adam to know Jesus…and not just Adam but the hundreds of thousands of unreached children the Lord continues to draw to Him through His Love and Truth being taught in CIC Clubs, just like He did with Adam.

With a heart full of thanks and awe,



West Africa summit group photo
(Some faces may have been covered for security reasons.)