Our Child and Youth Leaders are one-of-a-kind: mature, bold, service-oriented and passionate about reaching children in challenging places for Christ! (Some faces/names may have been covered for security reasons.)

Equipping and empowering the next generation is a CIC core value. With some specific gracious gifts, we were able to not only bring our National Team Leaders but also promising Youth and Child Leaders to the summits. God used this time to inspire in a way we’ve never seen before!

A 25-year-old female Youth Leader from Senegal named Janira said: “After the various lessons learned, I feel my heart burning with desire to go on the ground and go beyond the borders … what has touched me the most is the new way of teaching children … now it is they [the children] who do the different roles by identifying the different characters. I find this [Living Active] method perfect because the children will understand better.”

Since the conference, Janira has offered to go with the rest of the CIC Senegal national team into the interior to join the efforts of the unreached. She has already traveled to three remote regions to train people on the new method!

Succes, 21, a Youth Leader from Chad, echoes: “I bless the Lord for this conference … I understood in this meeting that to be a leader is not to be a leader but a servant. Now I know that wherever I go I am no more than a servant.”

One Child Leader, Nathan, age 17 from DRC, shared: “It gives me great pleasure to be able to testify to what I received at this conference. What impacted me a lot was how we spent the week in the presence of God entering to listen to His word … The Lord has spoken to us about humility and I understood that humility is the first thing in the life of a child of God.”